SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The Schertz Fire Department announced Tuesday an exterior light sparked a major fire at a Schertz hotel Saturday night.

The City of Schertz said the fire marshal’s investigation found an electrical issue caused the fire.

“It’s believed a light fixture started the fire on the exterior wall located on the first floor of the building. Behind the light was a void space that led to the attic where the fire spread,” Schertz fire marshal Thomas Pinder said in a statement.

The city said fire and building codes do not require a fire suppression system in the attic of the hotel, so there were no sprinklers there.  One sprinkler in the building did activate, which was in an electrical room on the fourth floor.

Water damage was found on each floor of the building, as well as fire damage to one room on the second and third floors, and to eight rooms on the eighth floor.

The city estimates the fire damage to be over $1 million.

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