“Fired for being white”

I wonder what color the sky is in Melissa Click’s world. It must either be black or white, because everything else is.

Ms. Click is the delightful ex-prof in that now famous video from the BLM demonstrations at Mizzou last fall, during the era of racial healing, screeching out an order for some “muscle” so that a journalist doing his job won’t record demonstrators. By the way, Mel says “black people love me”, which sounds like a line I’ve heard somewhere before.

Maybe they love her psychic gift, because she tells an interviewer her shrieking was because she knew there was about to be “another brutal moment against black people”.

Now she says the reason she was, eventually, let go from the school was payback. “I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target.” Must be nice to know nothing’s ever your fault, because, y’know, RACE!

Can I ask the question: how many people, especially women, refer to themselves as a “white lady”?

From Fox: “Click said the media treated her unfairly, and if she were to write a headline for her story it would have been ‘Favorite Professor Fights to Support Black Students on Campus in Dangerous Situation’.” Funny how she left out the part about telling a campus police officer to “f*** off!” Well, headlines can’t tell the WHOLE story.

The journalist was Asian-American. Guess those people will have to get themselves their own favorite professor.

Poor Melissa. She never did get her “muscle”. She’s been memed more than Grumpy Cat. And now she’s lost her little perch in academia. Perhaps she could ditch her “white lady’s burden”, reinvent herself as Native American, and run the for Senate.



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