Some extra “March Madness” on Sunday afternoon. We got the Barr summary of the Mueller report. That did happen.

As Byron York pointed out, it’s  now interesting  to think about what never happened: the Trump kids were never perp-walked out of the White House, Mueller never subpoened the President, Trump never fired the special counsel, and according to Attorney General Bill Barr, Trump didn’t interfere with the Mueller investigation.

All of these things were absolutely going to happen, or definitely going on, remember? It was…on the news…

Who will hold the Democrats and their media minions accountable for being wrong, for conflating their wishes with facts and for permanently damaging reputations and careers? Apologies? Don’t hold your breath. Reflection? Not if their 2016 election debacle is any indication. These are the least pensive, least self-aware folks you’ll ever find.

The slim reed of hope for Sunday’s news anchors: a welter of congressional investigations, led by people who have been telling us to respect Bob Mueller’s work—until now, when they tell us it’s pile of crap.

However, here’s something to chew on: Are House and Senate investigators, lacking the powers and expertise of the Mueller/FBI staff, going to find what 675 days of Mueller could not? Really?

Something else: Mueller stipulates that Russia endeavored to interfere with the 2016 election. All of this has been described as a “cyber-Pearl Harbor attack”. During which administration? The Obama Administration. The more convinced you are that Russia conspired to collude, or influence our election, the more furious you should be with the people who were actually in office in 2016. Obama. Brennan. Clapper. Comey. Trump was a private citizen, but these people were under oath to protect the country.

They failed. They lied They covered up their lies and failures.

Then they made it their job to correct your election, to “interfere” in it, you might say.

Having failed to stop the election of Trump, an “insurance policy” taken out by sworn federal law enforcement officers spawned a flawed investigation that squandered two valuable years and tens of millions of tax dollars.

The Mueller probe failed to meet the requirements of the special counsel law, and was corrupt because of the political motivations of those who launched it.

The toxic fruit of a poisoned tree.

Next, for reasons no one can explain, he staffed up his office with lawyers who couldn’t have been more conflicted. Ignoring what must have been thousands of obviously qualified, unbiased attorneys, he instead went out and hired people like Jeannie Rhee, who was a Hillary lawyer during her email case. And Andrew Weissmann, a shady Comey and Mueller ally scolded by federal judges for his abuse of evidence and wrongful convictions.

Regardless of how this report plays into your political beliefs, it’s part of one of our darkest chapters in U.S. history.

The greatest country in the world deserves much better.


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