SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio is known for many important historical events.

Yes there was THAT one…. but an event that doesn’t get much attention was celebrated at Fort Sam Houston Thursday.

About 350 people turned out to commemorate the the very first United States Military flight.

The pilot was Army Lt. Benjamin Foulois and it happened the morning of March 2, 1910 at Fort Sam Houston.

Foulois was one of a team of known as the “flying soldiers” and the aircraft, a Canard biplane with a four-cylinder Wright 30.6 horsepower engine driving two wooden propellers via a sprocket-and-chain transmission system, was the military’s only aircraft.

Foulois had been on an aircraft prior to March 2, but this was going to be his first time piloting a plane.

He took off at 9:30 A.M. and circled the field, reaching a height of 200 feet at 30 mph. The flight only lasted for seven and a half minutes.

He made three more flights that day with the last one ending in crash that was due to a broken fuel pipe.

Thursday’s ceremony to mark the 113th anniversary of the flight was held at 2595 Stanley Road, just a few hundred feet from where Foulois made the historic flights.

He retired from active military service as a major general Dec. 31, 1935 and died April 25, 1967.

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