Five Nominees Closer to Federal Bench in Texas

It’s one of the biggest complaints you hear from Congress–empty federal judgeships.

Five Nominees are a big step closer though to taking seats on the Bench in Texas–after a Committee hearing Wednesday.

“I want to congratulate each one of you for getting this far in the process” Senator John Cornyn told the Nominees, adding “It’s not an easy one (process)–I’m sure you would agree.”

The nominations–three for North Texas, and one each for East and West Texas–come at an unusual time on the calendar.

“I know it’s rare to hold a nomination hearing this late in a Presidential Election year. The last time this happened was 2008” Cornyn said, pointing out the qualifications each has to sit on the Bench.

“They bring to the Bench decades of public service and private sector experience in civil and criminal law in the courtroom, and in our appellate courts” Cornyn said.

A full Judiciary Committee vote on the nominations could happen as soon as next week.



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