Flood Disaster Continues in East TX

Governor Greg Abbott is set to take a first-hand look at the devastation Wednesday Afternoon–as a disaster of historic proportions continues to play out in parts of East Texas.

“Lots of people in Deweyville have lost everything they have. Their homes are flooded completely” one woman said, pointing to one storm ravaged community with the Sabine River over it’s banks for about a week… and counting.

“At one point, the Sabine River was the fifth-fastest river in the world” said Orange County Commissioner Barry Burton, adding “There was so much water, at one point, there was over three times the amount of water coming over Niagra Falls… for days. That is a lot of water coming down the river.”

Evacuation orders now cover thousands of homes along the river–but not everyone is heeding the call to get to higher ground.

“The house goes under water, I’ll leave. Until then… I’m staying right here” one man said after being ordered to go.



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