Florida construction worker kills boss over political differences

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A construction worker in Florida is accused of murdering his boss with a trowel after they got into a heated political argument.

Law Enforcement Officials believe 28-year-old Mason Toney killed his boss, William Steven Knight, during a dispute at a highway construction site.

He is said to have thrown an American flag next to Knight’s body as the man was dying.

The sheriff’s office talked to many co-workers who say the men were actually friends. In fact, Knight was giving Toney a ride to work when they began to argue over politics.

According to co-workers, Toney was anti-government and very outspoken while he boss was a supporter of President Trump.

Co-workers who heard Knight yelling ran to help and found Toney standing over Knight and was stabbing him with a trowel.

Toney reportedly fled the scene in a stolen pickup truck and was taken into custody after a brief pursuit.

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