LOS ANGELES (AP) – The early investigation into the death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has uncovered drugs in his system.

The prosecutor’s office in the country of Colombia says toxicology tests of Hawkins’ urine has revealed 10 psychoactive substances and medicines.

They include marijuana, opioids and antidepressants.

A cause of death was not given.

The Foo Fighters were on tour in Bogota, Colombia, when Hawkins died at the age of 50.

The Bogota municipal government says its emergency center sent an ambulance for a patient with “chest pain” at a hotel, although a private ambulance had already arrived.

Musicians are pouring out their hearts as they mourn the death of Hawkins.

Paul Stanley of Kiss says he is “speechless and gutted” at the news, while Gene Simmons says he’s “shocked and saddened.”

Brian May of Queen calls Hawkins “our friend, our brother, our beloved child.”

Tom Morello says to Hawkins, “I loved your spirit and your unstoppable rock power.”

Travis Barker, who knew Hawkins when they were both starting out, says Hawkins gave him so much hope and determination in the early days.

Barker says when they later toured together, he remembers them both “smoking cigarettes in the restroom of flights we were on.”

Hawkins was born in Dallas in 1972. He turned 50 in February.

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