I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time watching college football bowl games in my off-time these last couple of weeks. Sorry not sorry.

From the barrage of TV ads I’ve seen, you would think that the most common Christmas gift this year is…a new car! Somewhere, the late “Price is Right” announcer Johnny Olson is smiling.

“It’s a NEW CAR!”

Not sure which automaker started this trend, but all of their holiday ads feature a new car with a big satiny bow. The new car is always a surprise gift from a spouse, and it’s always just what he or she wanted! Every commercial break of every game has at least one of these scenarios. Sometimes, it’s two cars! I picked the wrong college major.

My question: how often is a new car a Christmas gift? Would I be safe in saying that 99% of families will never see this happen?

Kinda makes that sweater you wrapped up for your husband look like a insult. I mean, you don’t love him a whole Silverado?? Sad.

Sure, these are just commercials. But they make me laugh, because it’s so over the top. And, they probably do build up some unrealistic expectations. Also, if you gave a new Lexus or Buick last Christmas, how do you get away with just giving a necktie or some earrings this year?

I only know one man who bought his wife a car for a Christmas present, many years ago. He was traveling just before the holiday, and called her from the airport to tell her about it, what make, model and features it had, and that it would soon be delivered to their home.

She responded that she appreciated the thought and generosity, but she’d rather go down to the dealer and see it before they took delivery. Makes sense to me!

Might not make a great TV ad, but I like her practicality.

I think they’re still married.


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