Forbes: People in seven states favor moving to Texas over all others

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A new study shows the Lone Star State is a favorite moving destination for people in seven different states.

That distinction puts Texas in a first-place tie with Florida, which also boasts seven states with the most people moving in.

Forbes Home analyzed state-to-state migration data from the U.S. Census Bureau, which broke down where people in each state had been living one year before and compared that to where they were currently living.

The numbers show that Texas is the top destination for movers from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Utah, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The total number of movers into Texas across the U.S. during 2019 was 559,661, with California sending 82,235 into the Lone Star State.

Seven other states claim Florida is their preferred destination for people moving away. People from Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Alabama and Vermont sent the most people to the Sunshine State. Of the 601,611 people who moved to Florida in 2019, those seven states accounted for 173,332 new residents.

Coming in second place was California, ranking as the most popular moving destination for people in six states, including Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Texas and Washington. The total number of people who moved to California in 2019 was 480,204.