SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – A former Austin police chief is blaming  Austin City Council members for losses by Democrats across the state Tuesday.

Art Acevedo, who is the current police chief in Houston, tweeted Tuesday night that Texas Democrats can thank “socialist democrats and defund the police crowd” for their losses.  He singled out Austin Councilmen Greg Casar and Jimmy Flannigan “and the rest of the Austin City Council.”

In August, the Austin City Council voted to reduce funding for the police department by $150 million dollars and reallocate the money to  programs such as  violence prevention, food access and abortion access.

Acevedo tweeted,”Fact, Americans and Texans want better policing, not de-policing, and they don’t want anything to do with any form of socialism.”

Councilman Casar responded with his own tweet.

“After last nights election, Travis County is now the only big Texas county with no elected Republicans –and that’s for a reason,” Casar tweeted. “Austin voters have set a clear mandate for a progressive agenda.


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