Former San Antonio area school trustee disguised as kid, wanders through school

A former South San Antonio ISD trustee went South San Antonio High School with a camera Tuesday.

Now, the district’s superintendent is slamming the actions, saying she created havoc.

The San Antonio Express-News says Stacey Alderete disguised herself as a student and wandered through the campus to criticize the security.

Alderete filmed part of her journey around campus and posted the video onto Facebook.

“Today [Tuesday] as I went to drop off my childs paperwork I decided to show just how endangered OUR children are…. I dressed as a kid at the high school would and carried a back pack,” Alderete wrote in the Facebook post.  “We have AMAZING officers but unfortunately not enough and are VERY SHORT HANDED.”

She stated that she spent 20 minutes on campus before she got to the front office.

Alderete criticized the district for making cutbacks to security staffing at the school.

Friday, superintendent Abelardo Saavedra described Alderete as a “disgruntled former board member.”

Alderete was given a criminal trespass warning — an order signed by a judge — to stay away from district property.  She refused to sign the warning.

If she reappears without preapproval from the district, the former trustee could be arrested.

Alderete lost her reelection bid in 2016.

She spoke at Wednesday’s board meeting, saying her video proved how vulnerable students are at South San Antonio High School.

Saavedra called the claims “totally ridiculous”, stating that Alderete likely had easy access because she is what he described as a “fairly high-profile parent” and teachers saw no reason to stop her.



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