Friday Five: Devil songs

With chatter about an ongoing theory that the Monster Energy logo is a representation of the devil, the guys put together a list of best songs with the word ‘devil’ in the title.

The rankings are determined by David and Scott (Jamie is on “special assignment”) on three factors: how big or iconic a song was, how does it stand the test of time, and personal preferences.

This is this week’s Friday Five.

5. INXS — Devil Inside

4. Cliff Richard — Devil Woman

3. The Charlie Daniels Band — The Devil Went Down to Georgia

2. Van Halen — Running With The Devil

1. The Rolling Stones — Sympathy for the Devil

Honorable Mentions

Black Sabbath — Devil and Daughter

(Song not available)

Judas Priest — Devil’s Child

Mitch Ryder — Devil with a Blue Dress

Motley Crue — Shout at the Devil

Stryper — To Hell with the Devil

The Grateful Dead — Friend of the Devil

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