Friday Five: Home songs

Scott Robbins has just gotten home from a hospital stay, so why not a Friday Five list of best songs with ‘home’ in the title?

The rankings are determined by Jamie, David and Scott on three factors: how big or iconic a song was, how does it stand the test of time, and personal preferences.

This is this week’s Friday Five.

5. Eddie Money — Take Me Home Tonight

4. Motley Crue — Home Sweet Home

3. John Denver — Take Me Home Country Roads

2. Ozzy Osbourne — Mama I’m Coming Home

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd — Sweet Home Alabama

Honorable Mentions

Blind Faith — Can’t Find My Way Home

Blues Brothers — Sweet Home Chicago

Grand Funk Railroad — Closer to Home

Metallica — Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Phillip Phillips — Home

Supertramp — Take The Long Way Home

Van Halen — Take Your Whiskey Home

Bruce Springsteen — My Hometown

Deep Purple — Nobody’s Home

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