I told you I’d watch the whole SOTU panoply for you, and your boy did his homework.

It’s a couple of hours I’ll never get back. As my dates used to say.

And I missed LeBron’s record.

But two things made it worth while.

One, you should take the time to watch Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders’ GOP response, because she KILLED it and a star is born. Seriously, these GOP responses have been horrible lately, but she came up bigtime. Here’s the link to see it.

Two, remember the term “poker face”? Well, now the term is “Kevin McCarthy Face” and if he doesn’t trademark it and make tee-shirts, I’m telling you, I will.

While the prez slurred, careened and gaslit his way through the script, the new speaker sat up behind him with some of the driest, most subtle meme faces I’ve ever seen. In a way, McCarthy’s facial expressions were a realtime GOP response. Especially when Biden tried to run some lines about Republicans killing Social Security. Who knew this was K-Mac’s hidden talent?

So, if you skipped the assignment, check out Sanders and mute Joe for some background comedy gold.

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