From Russia, With Love…


“Realists do not fear the results of their study.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky.


If CNN were Lloyd Bridges in “Airplane!”, this would be a bad week to stop sniffing glue.

In fact, after this week in particular, if there’s anyone left working at CNN who isn’t abusing chemicals, whether it’s prescription opioids or liquor or both, I’d be surprised. Although nothing has been revealed about the news organization’s crap journalism that most objective people didn’t already suspect was going on, with the double-whammy of a retracted Trump story leading to three resignations (including one Pulitzer Prize winner) combined with the Project Veritas video showing CNN supervising producer John Bonifield snarking that the Russia investigation was “mostly bullshit,” it seems unlikely that CNN will ever regain the respect they once garnered during the stellar Bernard Shaw era of the First Gulf War. Seriously, dudes. When Harvey Levin and the Red Bull addicts over at TMZ start turning their noses up at you, your so-called ‘journalism’ must be pretty damn stanky.

Again, not that anyone needed James O’Keefe to start shoving Gopros down his chonies to realize the Russia-Trump investigations and the unrelenting and sometimes downright embarrassing coverage was, well…bullshit. And not ‘mostly’. Given that multiple congressional and FBI investigations have thus far uncovered no evidence of Russian collusion or obstruction on the part of Donald Trump after months of work, most Americans have come to realize CNN’s obsession with Russia is not only entirely bullshit, but it is, to be sure, an olympic-grade swimming pool filled with steaming, self-serving Liberal Bullshit straight from the bronco’s ass. Even that Millennial puke Bonifield admits if there was any hard evidence, “they would have leaked it.” Cheese and Crackers. Like we didn’t know.

For me, if there’s anything startling about CNN churning out the fake news while simultaneously accusing ‘fake news’ of tanking Hillary Clinton’s corrupt campaign, it’s the moral ease with which large numbers of journalists have themselves colluded on pushing a story that is simply not true, and exists only to take down a president they don’t like. Consider the implied sneer in John Bonifield’s voice as he quips how “adorable” journalistic ethics have become, or his description of CNN CEO Jeff Zucker complimenting his staff on their Paris Accord coverage, only to then redirect them back to the big fat nothing-burger of Russian interference. Think about that one for a second. For pukes like these, climate change is, supposedly, the biggest threat currently looming over the human race, endangering everything from water and food supplies to global economics, and yet they casually chuck it to the back burner when it comes to Russia and Trump. Wow. Cheese and Crackers on that one, too.

Even today, the suits at CNN are maintaining their support for Bonefield and the core accusations of the retracted story concerning a fictitious Russian investment by an equally-fictitious Trump associate. This, despite the fact that the Senate Intelligence Committee has now allowed its non-investigation to begin trolling Russian interference in other nations’ elections beyond the United States. Guess there ain’t enough going down stateside to pay for fat Al Franken’s lunch.

Given that today’s breaking news involves The Trumpster inserting himself into fake Time Magazine covers in the lobbies of a couple of his hotels, you have to wonder what tomorrow’s scandal will be? Perhaps an anonymous source will have leaked to the Washington Post that it appears both Donald Trump and Vlad Putin have seen “Dr. Zhivago” multiple times, and are likely fans of the movie. Can’t you just hear the panel of experts gushing to Wolf Blitzer, “as you know, Wolf, the story revolves around a married man having an affair, and given the president’s hatred of women, one has to wonder if there isn’t a ‘Lara’ lurking somewhere in his background, and if so, are the Russians hiding her?”

In any event, the Russian plank Donald Trump was supposed to walk is getting shorter and shorter, and the only ones who seem to be strolling off the edge are Wolfie and Andy and everyone else over at CNN, with the editorial boards of the NY Times and the Washington Post happily waiting in line behind them. And all this because a lying scumbag like Hillary Clinton didn’t cheat enough to win.

Embarrassing, to say the least, especially when you consider the only thing these various Russian investigations and the 24/7 media coverage have managed to turn up is that James Comey is a well-dressed vagina who has the moral compass of a wood tick.

It’s not quite journalism, and it ain’t quite Shinola.

But if John Bonifield is to be believed, it is a load of bullshit.

Jesus loves you and so do I,

rev s







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