Front Row Seats For Our Lives

I’m not a very comforting person. Empathetic, yes, but not great with saying the right things in difficult moments.

I think that’s why my first inclination, when someone suffers the loss of a loved one, is to make them a casserole or some soup.

But I saw a social media post from a former coworker and friend, who opened up about how the recent loss of her mother compounded the loss, 18 years ago, of her dad.

We all have days, or seasons, that hit us harder. Often, we don’t tell others, because it’s too difficult to explain. Or we think it is.

This is what I wrote to her:

“I can absolutely relate to this, and please know I’m thinking of you.

“If it helps, I hold very close in my heart the belief and vision that my dad, who passed 18 years ago this May, now has a true “front row seat” for my life, my daughter and things going on with us.

“I imagine him being happy to see the continuing, blossoming lives of the people he loved (or in the case of my daughter, never got to meet, but would’ve loved).

“We may be deprived of their company, but they aren’t missing out. At least I hope, pray and believe so.”

Your beliefs may differ. The “front row seat” in heaven is what I believe.

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