The Frustration of Donald Trump In One Act

Everything that’s wrong with the Trump campaign for president is right here in this story.

That headline, by the way, refers not to Mr. Trump being frustrated, because I have no idea if he is. It’s the frustration of decent, fervent patriots who hoped (and still do) that he was the man they’ve been waiting for.

Today, on the eve of the final debate, having squandered the first two with no clear purpose, with three weeks to Election Day (and with about 1.7M votes already cast), Donald Trump launched the trial balloon of proposing term limits for Congress.


It’s a popular idea; Congress is a very unpopular gang.

Their current job approval rating is 15%, which is Zika-level.

And, yes, incumbents are entrenched. There’s a reason I call them Beltway Barnacles. They leave their states and cleave to their lobbyists. At least we could make the lobbyists work a little harder and spend more buying fresh pols more frequently, right?

Maybe, just imagine, if he’d been rockin’ and rollin’ this theme for the last few months. What if this was his Twitter obsession for the two weeks he dueled with the Khan family? What if he cared about this as much as he does about pageant contestants?

He wouldn’t be doing any worse than he is right now.

Term limits is not a new or original idea for Trump. It last had a serious debate in the Senate in 2011-12, energized by the Tea Party wave of 2010, when we got people like Rubio, Lee and Ayotte. It lost 75-24.

Oh, and Trump opposed it.



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