Gaetz v. McCarthy Makes My Head Hurt

I love the way the media are covering this: “Americans are dividing into Team Matt and Team Kevin!!!”

America wearily responds: who cares?

In this GOP version of the Iran-Iraq war (where someone plaintively asked, “can’t they both lose?”), you have a slick partisan opportunist who loves the camera and fundraising…and you have Matt Gaetz, who reminds me of a young Matt Damon portraying a smarmy pol on the make. The pols and the media are gobbling this up like it’s a bonus election or something. Except, none of us are voting, and hardly any of us are cheering.

In reality, aren’t we just tired, you and I?

Tired of both parties. Tired of being told by Democrats that everything normal is racist. Tired of being told by Republicans that they will finally win if we just send them more money, or give them one more election. And win what, exactly?

Victor Davis Hanson told Tucker this week that we’re in the middle of a revolution, not an election, and he’s right. It’s a threat to the rules and assumptions by which we have lived together for 250 years, give or take. It’s change by force, not by choice. It’s war on how more than half the country lives, works, parents and worships. It’s war on us. We know it, and we wonder what we are supposed to do about it?

Move to a red(der) state? Buy a(nother) gun? Home-school? Ever get the feeling that you won’t be allowed to move away or opt-out of whatever the hell’s coming?

In the face of a revolution, Gaetz is moving to vacate the nine-month speakership of Kevin McCarthy. It’s both true that McCarthy has been better then we expected (the bar was very low) and is a squish. Could we do better? Yes. Could we do better among the available and willing alternatives in the current U.S. House of Representin’? Maybe, maybe not.

Is Gaetz an overly slick egoist with a thirst for attention, and who is maybe intentionally suicide-vesting his way out of Congress for a governor’s race in Florida? Yes and yes.

I wouldn’t mind vacating Kevin McCarthy. It would be cool to know who’s the available next man up. (Yeah, yeah, man or woman.)

I need to vacate Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the Squad and the tech-higher ed.-corporate media industrial complex (with apologies to Ike).

This fight isn’t the right fight.

It’s not OUR fight, as in we the people.


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