Texas, national gasoline prices on the rise

The price at the pump is climbing.

Triple A is reporting the average price in San Antonio comes in at $2.22 as we head in to the first weekend of March. That’s an increase of one cent over last week.

That may not seem like a lot but Daniel Armbruster with Triple A says those prices are only going to climb as spring time approaches.

The auto club is predicting increases of 20 to 30 cents a gallon as the weather gets warmer.

Armbruster says that’s typical as refineries switch to the summer blend of gasoline, which costs more to produce. Then in April, some major refineries close down for maintenance which cuts into supplies…and drives up prices.

The good news is that Texas is still experiencing some of the lowest prices in the nation. The national average is at $2.54 while the average here in Texas is $2.28.

The lowest prices in the state are found in El Paso at $2.18 while Midland still has the highest average at $2.54



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