Gas Prices Near $2 in S.A.

It’s one of those numbers that just makes us feel uncomfortable.

“Later this week, we are expecting gas prices to be on average about $2 per gallon (in San Antonio) Gasbuddy dot-com’s Will Speer told KTSA News–with the local average hanging just below that mark Monday Morning–days ahead of the busy Memorial Day Weekend.

Speer said what we’re seeing at the pump is easy to add up.

“We saw a bit of a hike (in gas prices) in San Antonio because of what crude was doing” Speer said, adding” But crude is starting to cool off… and that will actually keep gas prices in check.”

In the meantime, Alamo City drivers are still seeing a relative bargain at the gas pump compared to many other parts of the country.

“Compared tot he national average… San Antonio is still in the top-ten cheapest gas price cities in the country” Speer said.



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