I’m sorry, but the “outrage” over this pants-on-fire lying congressman-elect is kind of funny.

If you haven’t heard, one of the new GOP “pick-ups” in the US House was the 3rd Congressional District on Long Island, NY.

Thirty-four-year old (or IS HE? in my Keith Morrison voice) Republican George Santos has been caught in a cavalcade of lies about his bio, or as he puts it, “embellishing my resume”.

“Embellishing”? To me, that would be editing it, or playing with fonts. Not to George.

He lied about graduating from college, lied about working for Citigroup, lied about kiting checks overseas, lied about having employees who died in the Pulse nightclub shooting, and even lied about being Jewish (he actually explained that one by saying he meant he was “Jew-ish” but not Jewish).

“I am Catholic. Because I learned my maternal family had a Jewish background (?), I said I was Jew-ish.”

Somewhere, Elizabeth Warren is jotting down that verbiage.

Everyone says the guy is finished, but last time I checked, we rewarded the lying-est liar politician out there with the presidency in 2020. And the guy before him had a hard time  with the truth, too. Santos just has to age about 40 years, and we can run him for the White House and say he’s a “fable-telling grandpa.”

Here’s why I’m laughing. At worst, his voters will correct their error in a mere two years, during which he will be a forgettable footnote in politics.

At best, he’ll resign, because he’s a clown. Or at least he’s clown-ish.

Thing is, we are living through the nadir of integrity in politics. Look at who’s president. Look at the numerous resume embellishers already in office, including much much higher office, like Sen. Dick (Stolen Valor) Blumenthal. We have a secretary of transportation who knows nothing about it except how the title is helping him run for president in 2028.

I can’t even count how many pretend “conservatives” there are.

And let’s not even get started on the staggering number of public officials who blatantly, cynically disobeyed their own COVID orders and got caught. Or the “public health leaders” who lied knowingly about the virus, and defamed rather than engaged serious, qualified dissenters while claiming to “follow science”.

So, the public stoning of George Santos, who admittedly deserves no defense, seems…umm..compensatory.

We’re drowning in lies and liars. Santos is a drop in the bucket.


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