Get Smart, Don’t Fall For The “Muslim Ban” Talk

ARLINGTON, VA - JANUARY 27: U.S. President Donald Trump signs executive orders in the Hall of Heroes at the Department of Defense on January 27, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia. Trump signed two orders calling for the "great rebuilding" of the nation's military and the "extreme vetting" of visa seekers from terror-plagued countries. (Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images)

There’s more than one right way to do most things.

Unless you’re putting together that cheap furniture we all had in our first apartments. Follow those directions or be sorry.

But it’s fine for intelligent, compassionate people to disagree with President Trump’s order to temporarily limit immigration from some jihad hotspots.

Just don’t fall for the line about this being a ban on Muslims.

You will sound like a prize idiot.

According to, here are the 10 largest national Muslim populations:

1.) Indonesia (over 200 million Muslims)

2.) Pakistan (over 180 million)

3.) India (over 160M)

4.) Bangladesh (over 130M)

5.) Nigeria (over 70M)

6.) Egypt (over 70M)

7.) Iran (over 70M)*

8.) Turkey (over 70M)

9.) Algeria (over 30M)

10.) Morocco (over 30M)

Of these population hubs of the Islamic world, only one–*Iran at #7–is on the list of countries named in the order. For most of the world’s 1B-plus Muslims, no change. No effect on the largest population countries.

Countries, by the way, that President Obama put on the watch list, not Trump. BO even froze the processing of refugees from Iraq for several months in 2011, over terrorism fears. Gee, I don’t remember protests, or tears from Chuck Schumer back then.

Compared to BO’s ban, the Trump policy is for a shorter period of time, and would result in more refugees being processed in once the watch period is up, than were processed in most years from 2001 to 2016. I mean, you know, if facts still mattered and stuff.

But if this Trump order really was a “Muslim ban”, it would be the worst one ever. Britain and France, home to large, unintegrated Islamic masses, aren’t on the list either. Nor is Russia, from which the Tsarnaev brothers’ parents came.

You might also want to be aware that President Obama has been the game-changer here, not President Trump.

“Refugees” were a trickle until Obama expanded the program exponentially at the bizarre end of his administration. Prior to that, the rate of admissions was very low under both his and Bush 43’s tenure. At no time has the US admitted a number of refugees from Syria such that it made any difference in the plight of several hundred thousand.

We weren’t “saving” them before Trump, believe me.

David French in National Review points out, that, if anything, the Trump order is simply a modest return to the order of things before BO’s fateful last year in office. And that Obama was the exception to our policy, not Trump.

We can debate the method of EOs, the magnitude of the threat posed by refugees, the pros and cons of what we do over there and over here, but no one should fall for the crap that this is a “Muslim ban”. Those who are selling that to you are not your friend, or the friend of genuine refugees.

You’re being used, they’re being used, and I wonder why.




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