CNN’s new bosses are said to be evaluating hosts with a discernible bias, and wondering if they’d be more profitable playing it down the middle.


Meanwhile, a former top Obama advisor tells MSNBC that our side is actually winning, but what he means is: despite a huge, historic headstart, control of most legacy and “new” media, total cultural domination of the schools from which “journalists” graduate—despite all of that, the places and spaces where a conservative message or commentator live are the places with the most heat.

The most “engagement”.

The right response to this unquestionable phenomenon might be to study the success stories, or rethink whether most Americans really want what midtown Manhattan news anchors want.

But, instead, the Obamaite guy says we need to crush ’em with regulation of platforms and algorithms!

In other words, the left’s content is hopeless crap, and it can’t survive if people are able to shop it around.

Funny how when they keep talking about “threats to democracy”, they really mean bad prospects for Democrats.

They almost get it.

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