Leftists are like those old phone companies.

Free long-distance service—with a catch.

Crime, homelessness, illegal immigration—they never run out of lectures when they’re far away from the problem. But let it get close, or touch them, they roll to the right like an SEC quarterback.

Take NBA Hall of Famer, Bill Walton. Please. He’s had to interrupt his non-stop celebration of BLM and other progressive fantasies because he had a bike ride in San Diego’s Balboa Park interrupted by homeless people, who tried to knock him off his ride and then chased him. Oddly enough, he didn’t seem to relish contact with “the unhoused”.

He went all Ken Dorsey in a letter to the mayor of San Diego, “You’ve done nothing and continue to do nothing!”

Reality bites. Or bikes.

I love all these Democratic candidates who are suddenly running “tough on crime” campaigns—against their own party and their own records.

Two liberal Democratic reps, in Pennsylvania and Illinois, were carjacked on the same day. You should hear them now, they sound like Dana Loesch.

Or how about Congresswoman Karen Bass, who wants to defund police and doesn’t think you need a gun, but owned several.

I say owned because her house was burgled and the guns stolen. “My safety was shattered,” she boo-hooed.

Since I wouldn’t wish crime on anybody, I’ll just hope that the other thing happens

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