Go Fund Me set up for popular local comedian Cleto Rodriguez as he recovers from COVID-19

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A man who brought smiles to the faces of early morning TV viewers for years is in the hospital and could use some financial help.

Cleto Rodriguez recently announced he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 but his recovery has been rough and the popular comedian is currently in the ICU.

Rodriguez is a familiar face around San Antonio. His “Where’s Cleto” segment on local TV brought him in to thousands of homes every morning. He can also be counted on to appear at fund raisers for charitable events and to simply spend a few minutes with someone who just needed to smile.

After his TV gig ended, Cleto hit the road with his comedy routine but his bout with COVID is preventing him from entertaining fans and supporting his family.

His friend April Ancira has established a “Go Fund Me” account to offer some help to Cleto, his wife and their six children until he is up making us all laugh again.

On the “Go Fund Me” page, Ancira writes:

“This is a man that has given so many so much, including to my family that I can only hope by starting this fundraiser I / WE can give him a little something back. ”

You can click here if you wish to donate.

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