Google Fiber Pushing Ahead in S.A.

It looks like it’s full speed ahead for Google Fiber in San Antonio.

The question we asked City Engineer Mike Frisbie: are you confident Google Fiber is staying in San Antonio?

His Answer: “Yeah, I do, they’ve invested significantly in San Antonio infrastructure already…They’ve committed publicly, so we’re confident they’ll be here for the long haul.”

The Google plan includes 4,000 miles of network build out, 400 miles of backbone build out, and 17 network huts citywide (2 of which are nearing completion).

Recently, it was reported that Google Fiber is halting growth into new markets and plans layoffs. A Google representative was called to speak on this at the City Council B Session on Wednesday, he said Google is moving forward in San Antonio.

But, a city presentation shows AT&T has done significantly more fiber work here than Google and is offering the service already.

“AT&T has infrastructure everywhere in the city, underground, overhead, they have all that infrastructure already here,” Frisbie said. “They’re able to deploy faster because they can put fiber optics overhead on the poles and they can also put it into existing conduit underground, whereas Google has to go in and trench, they have to trench the streets to put that conduit in place.”

He said Google is working methodically to get up and running in San Antonio.




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