GOP Voters Growing Frustrated?

Tired of Trump? Seeing Red because of Ted? You’re not alone. There’s a growing number of Republicans who have had enough of the top two candidates.

A growing number are saying they’re going to skip voting in November but the Chairman of the Bexar County Republican Party says there’s a lot more going on further down the ballot.

Robert Stovall says he understands the growing frustration Republican voters are feeling right now but he’s urging them to keep in mind there’s several important local races too.

“The most important thing that impacts them is local politics.”

He says the Republicans in the race for County Sheriff, Judicial and Constable elections need support too so don’t skip out on the chance to have an voice in the issues that impact you locally.

Meanwhile, Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston says the two Republican Presidential front runners have some work to do to change voter attitudes. He says it starts with focusing on the issues and not so much on each other.

He says both men get hung up on talking about the process of getting elected which angers voters who want to hear moire about what the men plan to do if either of them win.

Can they change voter attitudes? Rottinghaus says they can but it’ll take a lot of work because they have both set a pretty grim stage.



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