SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Hey kids. You won’t need a permit for that lemonade stand.

Governor Greg Abbott Monday night signed a bill that prohibits cities and homeowner associations from banning children’s nonalcoholic beverage stands on private property and in public parks.

State Rep. Matt Krause filed the bill that was spurred by a case in East Texas in which a children’s lemonade stand was shut down in 2015.   Zoey and Andria Green opened a lemonade stand in Overton to raise money for a day at a water park with their father, but it was shut down by a code enforcement officer  because the girls  didn’t have a permit.

In a short video, Abbott signed the bill he calls it a “common sense’ law. After putting pen to payer, he takes a sip of lemonade and says ,”cheers.”

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