SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Governor Greg Abbott delivered a fiery speech at the Alamo City Republican Women’s Club luncheon Friday, urging them to get out and vote in 2020.

“Across the entire state of Texas, starting today, we have to come together and fight all the way to election day,” he told the crowd at the San Antonio Country Club. “If we lose Texas, we lose America.”

He said it’s a fight against socialist ideas.

“The American system has elevated more people out of poverty than any economic system in the history of the entire world and we are not going to let socialism destroy this American miracle.”

He did give a special thanks to a Democrat, the leader of the so-called “quad squad.”

“I thank God for everything that (Alexandria) Ocasio-Cortez has done for the Republican party,” Abbott said as the crowd clapped and cheered. “Have you ever seen anybody galvanize and unite the Republican party the way that Ocasio-Cortez has?”

He drew loud cheers and applause when he vowed that under his watch, Texas will never become a sanctuary state. The governor listed accomplishments by the Texas legislature during the last session, including property tax relief, pay raises for teachers, school safety measures and he drew the biggest applause when he mentioned the so-called ‘Save Chick-fil-A bill.’

“No longer can cities like San Antonio discriminate against businesses or individuals like Chick-fil-A just because of their religious beliefs,” he said.

As Texans tend to do, there was some bragging about the size of the economy. He said with a Gross Domestic Product, or GDP of $1.8 trillion dollars, the Lone Star State’s economy is bigger than that of some countries like Canada.

“Believe this or not, the Texas economy is even larger than the economy of Russia and that makes me more powerful than Putin,” he said drawing laughter and applause.

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