SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Governor Greg Abbott appeared on Fox News Sunday to defend election reform measures being taken up in the Texas legislature’s special session.

He tells Chris Wallace the measures are on the docket because states, not counties, are in charge of setting up election systems.

“This past election, Harris County…a COUNTY….tried to create it’s own election system that had never been used in the state of Texas.”

The Governor was pressed by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace who suggested the bill was going to make it difficult for people of color to vote.

Abbott said 24-hour voting used in Harris County compromised the integrity of the election because poll watchers couldn’t be available at all times and that drive-thru voting compromised the “sanctity of the ballot box.”

“We are providing more hours per day for voting to make sure that anybody with any type of background, any type of working situation is going to have the opportunity to go vote.”

Versions of the revived voting changes that were passed by House and Senate panels on Sunday would prohibit 24-hour polling places. Drop boxes and stop drive-thru voting would also be banned.

The first major vote on the proposals is expected this week.

Some Democratic lawmakers are saying they will walkout again to stop the restrictions from moving forward like they did in May, which resulted in the current special session that was called for by the governor.

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