Governor Greg Abbott signs bill to create “patriotic education” program

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that he says puts an emphasis on patriotic education in Texas.

Abbott says the 1836 Project addresses concerns that educators in the state weren’t properly teaching the history of Texas.

“To keep Texas the best state in the United States of America, we must never forget why Texas became so exceptional in the first place. A law creating the 1836 project…does that.”

The law establishes a nine-person advisory committee that will serve two-year terms to promote Texas historical education.

The project will be taught at state parks, museums and landmarks.

Abbott adds:
“Under this law, every newcomer to Texas, who gets a driver’s license, will also get a pamphlet that outlines Texas’ rich history, as well as the principles that make Texas, Texas.”

The governor, the lieutenant governor, and the House speaker each would appoint three members, and the governor would appoint one member to be the presiding officer.

Critics of the project are calling it “propaganda”.

The law takes effect September 1st.


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