SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott  has sent a letter to Austin’s mayor telling him to reinstate the camping ban.  Austin’s City Council recently overturned the old ordinances that banned sitting, lying down or camping in public areas and the governor says  the “homelessness crisis” is exacerbating public health and safety problems.

“The consequences of repealing the ban are manifested daily on the streets of Austin: human feces, hypodermic needles, mounds of garbage, and people living in unsanitary conditions that could lead to an outbreak of communicable diseases,” Abbott wrote in the letter.

The governor says Hepatitis A and Typhus are resurfacing in West Coast communities that struggle with homelessness problems.

“Reinstating the camping ban is not a total solution, but it is an essential part of demonstrating consequential improvement in the Austin homelessness crisis and the danger it poses to public health and safety,”  Abbott stated in the letter .

He also stated in the letter that if  Mayor Steve Adler and the city council do not reinstate the camping ban, “the State will have no option but to use state agencies and resources to achieve a similar result.  I remain resolute in using state agencies to address this task if action is not taken by Austin by November 1,” Abbott wrote.




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