Harry Wilson Will Not Run For Governor Of New York

Harry Wilson, potential Republican candidate for Governor of New York, has made it clear that he is not interested in the race.

Announcing his decision on Facebook, Wilson said there was no tougher choice than this to take over the course of his life.

He said he had “a deep desire to serve and make NY State a much better place”, but finally gave preference to a deep commitment to his family, as it is very difficult to do both as well as he want to.

Still, he said he believes working with a new team in the executive branch and with the legislature, he could dramatically restructure and improve state government, providing much higher quality services at a much lower cost.

“I believe we could cut tens of billions in government spending, reduce taxes dramatically, eliminate hundreds of counterproductive regulations and thus transform a state with the worst tax and business climate in the nation into a jobs magnet,” Wilson added.

Wilson vowed that he will continue to be active, on policy and political issues.

The 46-year old former investor and restructuring expert made a scathing attack on incumbent Democrat Andrew Coumo.

“He is a master of flashy announcements and grandiose claims, but he is woefully short on successful efforts to improve day-to-day life for the vast majority of New Yorkers”.

Wilson, who lost in a close race in 2010 for New York State Comptroller, had been considered by many Republicans as their best candidate against Cuomo, who says he will seek a third term in office this year.

His decision leaves the field wide open for other Republicans weighing a race for the top executive post in New York.



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