Here’s My Advice Right Now On Trump, Russia and “Kompromat”

Take. Your. Time.

Our world of instant, constant reaction and analysis is ill-suited to the news breaking tonight from Jake Tapper and CNN

If you’re pro-Trump, you will want to tear and slash at the thinness of the story.

If you’re anti-Trump, you will want to drink it down to the bottom of the cup.

If it’s all true, get ready for President Pence.***

If some of it is disproved, which might be as easy as proving that Trump didn’t stay in a particular place on a specific day, it follows the other 6,000 times someone had something that was “for sure” going to “sink” him.

Take note that even virulently hostile news organizations like “Mother Jones” magazine and NBC News took a pass on the contents of this “dossier” in the summer of ’16.

Also note that the President-elect has made some powerful enemies here at home. This is what a smear would look like. Have the US intel folks, or the journalists, vetted the info, at least the the obvious logistical stuff? Or was it too good to check?

And, note that Trump is, by his own braggadocio, a kind of Caligula. We’re not talking Mitt Romney here. On the other hand, would a well-known germophobe be into golden showers?

If it’s deniable, Trump is probably inoculated against almost any other scandal.

If it lingers, it could cripple his presidency. Or end it.

You don’t know and I don’t know. Wanting to know right now is understandable. Pretending to know right now is childish. Even if you welcomed Trump’s election, and Clinton’s faceplant as the greatest thing since the birth of your first-born, keep your powder dry. There’s no defense if this stuff is true.

No matter how much you hate Trump, none of this will make Hillary president. Ever.

The players on this stage have something to prove, or disprove.

You and I should fold our arms and let them come to us. Someone, and it may or may not be Donald Trump, has a lot of explaining to do. I’m waiting, watching, reading, listening. There’s no defense if this stuff is true. 

Could be history in the making. Could be a hoax.

Later on, you will want to have been right in your reaction and judgement.

Not first.

*** The shortest presidency in our history was that of the ninth President, William Henry Harrison, who died 30 days into his term in 1841.



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