Here’s How Gen Kelly Will Shake Things Up

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was booted from the job by President Trump only six months into the job on Friday.

Word is the President wasn’t happy with the failure of the Senate to do anything with O’Care and Preiebus caught the ire.

Maybe so, but you can bet this has been in the works for a while.

Preibus is a sweetheart of a guy, but he is not the rough tough fighter Mr. Trump needs. That is why he was replaced by General John Kelly from Homeland Security.

All accounts say Kelly is a no-nonsense Marine general who will not put up with the leakers and such troublemakers who are trying to destroy the Trump Presidency from within.

He will find them and root them out.

Kelly is described as “no drama” which is precisely what the President needs right now. It’s what the country needs right now.

Cut the crap and get the job done.

No doubt the world took notice. Vlad, Kim Jong, the mullahs, and ISIS leaders are aware of the new man in Trump’s inner circle.

So are the Washington elites who have been trying to bring this administration to a halt.

It’s an all-new ballgame.



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