House Democrat Rep. James Clyburn, on coronavirus relief legislation: “A tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision”.

Reportedly what he said in a meeting with Democratic colleagues. Reportedly.

If he didn’t say it, disavow it immediately.

If he did, it might be the worst thing I’ve ever heard from a member of Congress.

Whatever you think of the emergency economic measures, this is what’s holding it up: the ol’ “don’t let a crisis go to waste”.

Guy Benson reports: Democratic leaders including Speaker Pelosi are insisting on “unprecedented collective bargaining for unions, higher fuel-emissions standards for US airlines, and expanded wind/solar tax credits.”

In other words, playing politics for the Green New Deal while we deal with the Chinese coronavirus.

The failure of the Senate cloture vote yesterday was rich—it was on a bill Democrats had helped write and verbally agreed to. They said yes in private, and then voted no in front of everyone.

What happened is anyone’s guess. Caving to the AOC wing, again? It worked so well with impeachment, didn’t it?

Meantime, the left’s favorite Republicans, Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Susan Collins (R-ME) profess to be “shocked”. Wake up.

Guess they’ll be back in the libs’ penalty box again.

I know we are in a fight, one that requires some economic/political steps I’d never entertain under any other circumstances.

And personally, like you, I am living my life in very different ways. I don’t hear too many Americans complaining.

As we usually do, we’re coping with ingenuity and good humor.

So, here’s my question: if you and I care enough about each other and our nation to do it, why don’t they?

Clyburn? Pelosi? Schumer?

Watching and waiting.


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