In his longest speech yet, at CPAC, President Trump may have coined a 2020 campaign slogan:

“We believe in the American dream, not the socialist nightmare”.

Can he run on that?

It depends on the opponent.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders can help this president more than any other opponent next year.

Have you heard this new narrative, that Republicans are “smearing” the Democrats as Soviet-flavored socialists?

The actual frontrunner in their field honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Sounds like a punchline from a Reagan joke, doesn’t it?

Sanders was socialist before it was cool to be socialist! Hint: you’re not being “smeared” if you’re applying the paint yourself.

Notice the media pretending that ol’ Bernie’s a sideshow? But he leads in most polls, unless the pollsters throw in Joe Biden (not a candidate). And Bernie laps them in raising money.

Also, remember the last time these media geniuses told you someone could not possibly be nominated by their party?

I’m telling you, Donald Trump is getting his hopes up, bigly, for Sanders to emerge from the burgeoning Democratic herd.

In 2016, we had those “not-voting-for-Trump-but-voting-against-Hillary” votes for Trump, right? Would he get fewer of those, or more, from voters who want no part of Sanders, the man who makes Pat Leahy look like Pat Buchanan? I think more.

Case in point: a man named Carl Bildt.

He was Sweden’s premier in the early ’90s, and he began the unraveling of that nation’s socialist policies, which he now calls a “trap” for America.

Bildt rolled back the capital-gains and corporate taxe rates to European-competitive levels, privatized industry and pensions, deregulated large sectors of the economy and restored school choice. He wasn’t a socialist, but he was successful. So successful that even when the socialists came back to power, they didn’t dare undo his reforms.

Sweden, Denmark, and other supposed “examples” of socialism—just aren’t. It would be illuminating if President Business explained the long, strange history of, and regrets over, Eurosocialism.

If I’m the President, this is the matchup I want. Maybe he’s donating to Bernie.


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