I believe in UFOs.

A few.

What I mean is, I believe there are and have been unidentified flying objects that are not “of this world.”

There are probably things beyond your knowledge and mine.

A LOT of people have faked photos, videos and eyewitness accounts of UFO encounters, giving the whole question a cheap patina of weirdness. Some are just earnest, some are kooks, and some smell money.

When it comes to another theory: that America is a hate-filled society, that white Americans can barely disguise their loathing for all others, that racists, bigots and haters are all around us—some people need you to agree.

They so need you to agree.

A recent study showed the prevalence of hate crime reports in the most liberal states, like California and New York, which seems counterintuitive. Why would these places house so many haters? Or to put it in current terms, how did Chicago become “MAGA country”?

But…if you consider how many news stories of hate crimes wind up being debunked, it makes sense: these are the places where people are looking the hardest for hate crimes.

Think about it: young people today grow up in an educational/entertainment complex telling them how fundamentally racist/homophobic/unfair America is. Once out on their own, if they don’t find it, what happens?  Do they demand their educational and entertainment money back? Or look harder and harder for what MUST be there?

Then, failing to find or encounter hate, some make it up. Lying about attacks on yourself is safer—fewer players, more sympathy.

Some people will read this and take away: Riccardi doesn’t think there are any hate crimes! Not saying that.  They do happen.

Like the UFO analogy, I’m just explaining why so many are fake.


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