Hey Everybody, There’s An”Exciting Young Gentleman” On The Radio!

I wouldn’t have seen this at the time, but it was part of of a sales/promotional pamphlet for the show, circa 1994 or ’95.

Just opened an old file folder the other day, and there it was.

It’s pretty cringeworthy all the way through, but “exciting young gentleman”? Wow.

Laughter aside, I think it points out what a novelty it was, at that time, to have a non-old dude hosting a radio talk show. This was an era when stations fought over the services of the relatively few women who were hosting talk programs. Not long after, there would be more women, and lots more younger hosts.

It reads a little desperate now, doesn’t it? They really hoped they hadn’t made a mistake in bringing him in, and that you would like this guy.

And, as for “pamphlets”, well, they’ve had their day.

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