Hey Republicans, Your Leader Is A Loser

Just saw that Ronna McDaniel of Michigan (who used to call herself “Ronna Romney McDaniel) just won overwhelming reelection as chair of the Republican National Committee.

If you’re a Republican, she’s your CEO. And if she was your CEO, you’d be bracing for layoffs.

This’ll be the only time you see “won” and Ronna’s name in the same sentence, though.

For perspective, she’s going to be longest serving, most-reelected GOP leader in modern times…despite losing and losing and losing.

On her watch, the party has lost a net of nine governorships, 19 House seats and three U.S. Senate slots. And the presidency. But you know, other than that…

As Gov. Ron DeSantis (who endorsed her opponent, California’s Harmeet Dhillon) noted, McDaniel has never presided over a positive election cycle.

Her job involves fundraising and candidate recruitment, and in both of these she has woefully underperformed.

If she’s the best player the Republican team can put on the field, they should go the free agency route and throw money at a Democrat to come run things for them.

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