Hillary Clinton: Worst. Political. Candidate. Ever.


Sure, there may have been a worse retail-politics contender sometime, somewhere, but their mediocrity ensured their obscurity.

This one married a promising, talented natural politician, and has been flogging his brand name ever since.

Visiting Mumbai, Hillary Clinton managed to fall down the stairs again…literally and figuratively.

At an event entitled “India Today”, Mrs. C. is still focused on yesterday. She told an audience (that probably has moved on past the 2016 U.S. election):

“I won the places that aren’t looking backwards.”

Translation: She was beaten by a nation of deplorables. So I guess Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio….oh, never mind, you know where I’m going.

“I won the coasts…I won Illinois and Minnesota, places like that.”

The real ‘Murica! Every place else? Lookin’ backwards!

After all the postgame analysis of her unlikeability, the poor strategy, the flawed assumptions about Obama’s “unbreakable” coalition, the disinterest in going to working class enclaves like Michigan and Wisconsin, her mantra is still that the voters just didn’t appreciate how awesome she was.

Lest you think she found relief in vomiting up this bitter brew, she wasn’t finished.

Speaking of her loss among white women, Clinton offered (again—she has said this before) that they had “pressure to vote the way your husband, your boss, your son, whoever believes you should.

“All of a sudden, white women who were going to vote for me and frankly standing up to the men in their lives and the men in their workplaces, were being told, ‘She’s going to jail…You don’t want to vote for that’. So it just stopped my momentum and decreased my vote enough because I was ahead. I was winning.”

Last year she described it as men telling their women “not to vote for the girl”. Wait, “the girl”?!

So why are we even talking about this deranged granny?

I’ll tell you.

One of the oldest conceits in politics is voting for someone we think IS us. Racial, ethnic, gender identity voting. This person “gets me”! 

Well, tell me, female friends, coworkers, neighbors…does Hillary Clinton get you?

Are you such wet noodles that a man—any man will do, apparently—can tell you how to vote? How not to? It’s a wonder women get elected anywhere, for anything!

If not, if in fact, you find the suggestion insulting and degrading, which you certainly should, then please note:

Hillary Clinton keeps spreading this lie about you, all around the world.





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