Hollie, Ginger, Josh and Duchess (reposted from 6/10/16)

This one’s personal, with my four-legged bestie moving up to dog heaven a few weeks ago.

It’s the story of a little boy who rides his bike past Hollie Breaux Mallet’s Louisiana house, but can’t quite help but stop, sneak into her garage…and hug her dog, Duchess.

His name is Josh, it turns out. Hollie only found that out by posting security camera footage on Facebook to see if anyone knew who he was and why he would dash into her garage, cuddle or play with the pup, and then skedaddle.

Over a million people and counting have watched the video. But the only one who mattered was a lady down the street, Ginger. Josh is her son. As is the case with moms, she knew something was going on. And now she had a conflict.

“I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn’t be on someone’s property, but I wake up this morning more happy that he just absolutely adores dogs so much.”

Hollie doesn’t mind, and you can tell Duchess doesn’t mind. But in case anyone needs an explanation:

Ginger: “Currently we do not have a dog. We had our dog Bella since Josh was 2 but she passed last year. Things have been busy…so we have not jumped back into taking on the responsibility of starting all over again with a new pup quite yet…”

Hollie, Ginger, Josh and Duchess. Y’all done good.




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