Hood: San Antonio has seen 26 percent more fires so far in 2022 than last year

BEXAR COUNTY (KTSA News) — San Antonio is seeing a large uptick in fires so far in 2022.

“Our fires are up about 26 percent right now from last year and we’ve had 10 fire fatalities this fiscal year,” San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood told San Antonio’s Sports Star’s The Blitz Thursday afternoon.  “We need your help.”

There are five main factors in these fires:

“They are usually people who are older, smokers, space heaters — although we are getting into a warmer time now — overloaded electrical sockets, and then another huge one for us is hoarding,” the fire chief explained.

Hood said hoarding has led to several fire fatalities because all of the stuff in the way makes it difficult for people to get out of burning homes.  Additionally, all of these items cluttering houses add more fuel to these fires.

“We have seen people die in this city because they hoard.”

Hood asks the public to help remove clutter and to make sure your home has smoke detectors.  If you need smoke detectors, you are encouraged to call 311.

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