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Used to be, you physically visited with, or placed a phone call to, the people you cared about.  You had coffee, or a drink, a meal, sat somewhere.

Then it was over ’til the next time. Which wouldn’t be a couple of hours later. What the hell are we doing now?

Now, we are all electronically tethered to each other by every means of social media and text messaging, from Snapchat to Whatsapp to many many more.

I’ve never been asked how I’m doing this much, and frankly, I’d rather not think about how I’m doing. I do better that way—not thinking about how I’m doing. Frankly, I’m not doing much, but being asked forces me to confront it. Worse, no one else has much to report either.

Is it ok that we just keep asking each other about ten or twelve variations of “how you doin’?” Could there be a better use of this amazing electronic technology??

And how ARE you doing?

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