How did Bexar County residents vote in the 2022 Texas Primary Election?

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The Bexar County Elections Office released the official summary of results from the March 1 Primary election.

15.57% of registered Bexar County voters showed up to the polls or submitted an absentee ballot in the election.

According to the report, only 185,972 voters cast a ballot of the 1,194,360 total registered voters in the county. Of that total, 97,683 ballots were cast in early voting, 74,109 on election day and 14,180 absentee ballots were submitted.

Officials counted about 2,535 late mail and provisional ballots, of which 35% of the mail-in ballots were rejected under new voting restrictions that went into effect this year, officials said.

96,957 Democratic ballots were cast compared to 89,015 Republican ballots. 29 blank ballots were cast.

Voters in Bexar County followed mostly followed statewide voting trends.

The biggest disparity between local and statewide results was recorded in the race for U.S. Rep. District 28 with the Democrats race.

Statewide, Jessica Cisneros was 720 votes shy of tying the race with incumbent Henry Cuellar. With Cuellar receiving 48.4% of the vote statewide and Cisneros with 46.9% for Cisneros means the race is headed to the May runoff election.

Cisneros received 73.19% of the vote in Bexar County, eclipsing Cuellar by more than 6,300 votes.

Both candidates for Governor in November, incumbent Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Beto O’Rourke, individually saw increased support by Bexar County Residents at the polls.

You can read the full breakdown of Bexar County’s election results here.

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