SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — San Antonio congressman Will Hurd has many issues with two recently-passed resolutions by the House.

The first was the anti-hate measure passed Thursday, after a lengthy delay to tweak its language.

Hurd echoed the concerns of many other Republicans in the House who said it was a watered down statement meant to punish Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her comments regarding Israel.

“Instead of addressing this particular behavior by this one individual.  What did they do?  They put something about we shouldn’t hate anybody,” Hurd told KTSA’s Jack Riccardi Friday morning.  “It shows some of the fraudulent leadership and the double standard that some of the Democratic leadership in the House has.”

Hurd said it is no different than what kids are taught in school.

“What we learned in kindergarten: Hey, don’t hate people.  Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.  These are the things that we should be espousing.”

The Republican also took serious issues with House Resolution 1, a measure billed as an anti-corruption election reform measure.

It is designed to tighten government ethics rules and imposes campaign finance restrictions.

Hurd said there are better ways to achieve that.

“It was going to tax the American people and use that tax money to be used by candidates for robocalls and attack ads,” the congressman explained to Riccardi.  “So your own hard taxpayer dollars would potentially go to support somebody who you disagree with.”

Democrats say the measure goes after voter suppression and reverses the erosion of the Voting Rights Act.

Hurd said it went too far, especially when it comes to non-citizens voting in American elections.

“I don’t know anybody who thinks non-citizens should be voting in our election. I don’t get to vote in the French election, I don’t get to vote in Mexico.  It’s absolutely outrageous some of the stuff they had.”

The congressman, who is on the House Intelligence Committee, said the Michael Cohen hearings were a waste of time.

“If Michael Cohen had any information, Bob Mueller already has it,” Hurd explained.  “If Michael Cohen is going to have earthshattering information, there is no way Bob Mueller would have allowed him to testify to three different committees.”

Hurd said Congress should have instead spent the time working on ways to help American firms better compete against the global threat Chinese telecom giant Huawei is posing on the world’s technological future.

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