Hurd Out with Plans for “High Tech” Border Wall

By Don Morgan

A coalition of border state lawmakers are working with tech experts from the Silicon Valley to take control of the border wall debate.

Texas Congressman Will Hurd is with the group that wants to come up with a solution that’s not only high tech, but less costly to taxpayers.

“It’s 2017, many people assume we are using the most cutting edge technology to secure our borders but we’re not.”

Hurd says a so called “smart wall” would use radar, lasers and drones to gain control of the border.

“We can use radar to spot a rabbit in the middle of the night so we can certainly use technology to see if there’s a problem then send in a drone or personnel to handle it.”

The proposal is also much more cost effective with a price tag of a half million dollars per mile. Hurd says the proposal to build an actual wall would cost taxpayers more than 24 million per mile.



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