Hurd Slams Dems at Hearing on Clinton Email

An angry and frustrated Congressman Will Hurd got his chance to question FBI Director James Comey about the investigation in to Hillary Clinton’s email server during a hearing before the U.S. House Oversight Committee Thursday Morning.

“I’m offended” Hurd said, opening his time for questions–after listening to Democrat after Democrat on the Committee use their time to question Comey instead make long statements casting questions over the investigation as nothing more than “political theater.”

“I spent 9 1/2 years as an undercover officer in the CIA. I was the guy in the back alleys, collecting intelligence, passing it to lawmakers. I’ve seen my friends killed. I’ve seen assets put in harms way” an angry Hurd declared before diving in to questions for Comey, who admitted he is concerned about the message the decision not to recommend charges will send to others working for the Federal Government.

“My primary concern is the impact on what other employees might think in the Federal Government” Comey said.

“You don’t think this sends a message to other employees that if the former Secretary of State can have an unauthorized server in their basement that transmits top secret information… that’s not a problem?” Hurd asked in response to Comey’s statement.

Comey later told Hurd Clinton would face “robust discipline” if she had worked for him–and sent a message of his own to others working for him at the FBI.

“There will be discipline from termination to reprimand–and everything in between–for people who mishandle classified information” Comey said.

Congressman Hurd Questions James Comey

Meanwhile, Senator John Cornyn wants Hillary Clinton’s security clearance revoked.

He’s introduced the Taking Responsibility Using Secured Technology (TRUST) Act of 2016.

It would revoke her clearance as well as the security clearance of her State Department colleagues who, Cornyn’s office said, carelessly handled classified information.

The TRUST Act would also prohibit Clinton from any classified information until she’s earned the right to have that access…that might mean as the President.



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