I Couldn’t Care Less Who Democrats Nominate

I’m not a Democrat, and what they and I agree on could fit on an index card with room to spare.

It’s interesting how concerned the media universe is with scenarios for replacing Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket, after last night’s implosion of a debate performance.

And yes, if your job is running the Democratic party, that would be on your desk today.

Is it just me, though, or shouldn’t we actually be interested in the resignation of this President? From office. Now.

First, his entire presidency is based on the lie that he is actually the CEO, and the guy we saw last night is isn’t in charge of his sock drawer, much less the world’s leading superpower. It’s a lie. And the lie hides, cloaks from accountability, whoever IS in charge. What you saw should disturb you about who is actually calling the shots. You have no names, just guesses. That’s worse than a dicatorship, where at least you know the boss.

He should step down. 

From office, not from the ticket. The ticket is of no interest to me. I won’t pretend to care about a ticket I’d never ever vote for, and it puzzles me when people do pretend. It’s like worrying about the draft choices of a team in another city that I don’t root for.

Secondly, every person who enabled and acted-out this colossal scam should resign. You talk about stealing an election—what’s a more blatant theft than offering up a Trojan horse to voters, in order to sneak your true agenda into position?

Every official who has publicly proclaimed the president’s mental sharpness, every fake story about deft handling of meetings and discussions. Those were all lies, and he’s taking you down with him, you frauds. You didn’t lie to protect him, that would be somewhat understandable. You lied to protect yourself. He could fall face-first off the stage and your only concern would be how to spin it. What the hell is wrong with you?

How about our brethren in the media world, who, to varying degrees, were aware of the Biden mythology. Not one of you thought you had an obligation to report, and let us decide? It was the most important story you never reported in your entire career. You appointed yourselves a kind of journalistic politburo, justified by your hubris and aesthetic distaste for Donald Trump. Or, more accurately, because the return of Trump would suggest cracks in the facade of your self-perceived importance.

Your “reporting” and analysis (for instance, your puerile FDR comparisons)  is gross malpractice, and the decent thing for you to do would be to recuse yourselves and, possibly, save what’s left of your platforms and cred. Go away.

Let the Democratic party figure out its political problem. We are a great country in a lot of peril right now. The entire world saw and heard what you saw and heard.

They, friends and foes alike, are going to plan and act based on the collapse of this administration.

Because that’s what happened last night. Not just “ticket trouble”

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